Tips for Using Online Books

Reading Online and Downloading

More than half the books (but not the articles or other resources) on our website are hosted by Internet Archive or Open Library. They are sister organizations and use the same online viewer application. For most books this viewer will make the text very clear if you;

  1. Switch from the double-page to the single-page view, (using the icons in the bottom right corner of the viewer) and;
  2. Keep zooming-in until the text snaps into a clear focus.

Using the single-page view also enables scrolling pages down with your mouse wheel.

You can download books from these two sites by clicking on the book name at the top-left corner of the page (in the viewer) to get to the download menu.

Maybe you wish to download books from or other sites to read on your PC. You’ll need a book viewer application of your own. Here are links to three book reading applications you can download; all free:

Adobe Digital Editions

Calibre eBook Management

Amazon Free Kindle Reading Apps (I think you need an Amazon account for this one.)

Your comments and feedback are welcome!