History of the Great Lakes States

History of Ohio, Indiana,

Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin

& the U.S. Great Lakes Region

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Biographies and Memoirs

Books and articles on the lives of famous Americans, political leaders, pioneers etc. Also first-person accounts of everyday life and historic events.

Great Lakes Biographies & Memoirs


Illinois Biographies & Memoirs


Indiana Biographies & Memoirs


Michigan Biographies & Memoirs


Ohio Biographies & Memoirs


Wisconsin Biographies & Memoirs

Cultural History

Books and articles about literature, education, theater, fine arts, journalism, recreation, and architecture.

Great Lakes Cultural History


Illinois Cultural History


Indiana Cultural History


Michigan Cultural History


Ohio Cultural History


Wisconsin Cultural History

Documents & Collections

Legislative acts, letters, official papers, treaties, and state constitutions.
Collections of government documents, manuscripts, portraits, private papers, court records, etc.

Great Lakes History: Documents & Collections of Records


Illinois History: Documents & Collections of Records


Indiana History: Documents & Collections of Records


Michigan History: Documents & Collections of Records


Ohio History: Documents & Collections of Records


Wisconsin History: Documents & Collections of Records

Economic History

Books and articles about business, work, railroads, roads, shipping, farming, manufacturing, banking, medicine, mining, logging etc.

Great Lakes Economic History


Illinois Economic History


Indiana Economic History


Michigan Economic History


Ohio Economic History


Wisconsin Economic History

General History

Books and articles meant as histories of a state or region. Works not classified in other categories.

Great Lakes General History


Illinois General History


Indiana General History


Michigan General History


Ohio General History


Wisconsin General History

Politics & Government

Books and articles about territorial governments, state and local governments, political parties, state constitutions, statehood, and legislation.

Great Lakes History Politics & Government


Illinois History Politics & Government


Indiana History Politics & Government


Michigan History Politics & Government


Ohio History Politics & Government


Wisconsin History Politics & Government


Books and articles about denominations and churches, missionary efforts among Native Americans, and religious activities.

History of Religion in the Great Lakes


History of Religion in Illinois


History of Religion in Indiana


History of Religion in Michigan


History of Religion in Ohio


History of Religion in Wisconsin

Social History

Books and articles about everyday life, women, crime, ethnic groups, slavery and anti-slavery, African American history, immigrants, utopian communities, and social issues.

Great Lakes Social History


Illinois Social History


Indiana Social History


Michigan Social History


Ohio Social History


Wisconsin Social History

War & Military

Books and articles about wars in the Great Lakes region and other U.S. wars. Conflict with Native Americans; military actions other than in wars.
Works about forts and posts, military operations and military life.

Conflict, War and Military History in the Great Lakes


Conflict, War and Military History in Illinois


Conflict, War and Military History in Indiana


Conflict, War and Military History in Michigan


Conflict, War and Military History in Ohio


Conflict, War and Military History in Wisconsin


Abraham Lincoln

Life of Abraham Lincoln. Biographies, novels; his written works and speeches.

Abraham Lincoln: Books & other Resources

History of Ships and Boats on the Great Lakes

Books and articles about shipping on the Great Lakes and rivers.

Navigation on the Great Lakes & the Region’s Rivers

Settlers Guides

Hand-books and guides for prospective settlers, “Emigrants’ Guides”, and geographical descriptions.

Settlers’ Guides for the Great Lakes Region