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Self-Help General

Quality of Life Collection

About 430 free online books on the subject of “Quality of Life”. Topics include: quality of life in America, financial stress, life after 50, planning for retirement, best places to live, meaning of life, where to retire, human development, the good life, simple living, life balance, finding fulfillment, life strategies, life audit, livable cities, top-rated cities, best small towns in America, body mind spirit.

Free online Lifestyle Magazines

Self-Help General – Collection

About 260 free online books on the subject of “Self-Help – General”. Topics include: self-discovery, strategies for success, personal growth and change, personal and career growth, achievement motivation, hypnotherapy, conquering your fears, enhancing your image, post-traumatic stress disorder, how to live with another person, divorce recovery, power of the subconscious, Silva mind control method, success through a positive attitude, staying sober, marriage advice, personal growth psychology, steps to health, popular self help, personal development motivational books, mind body heart spirit, self improvement authors.

Self-help Techniques

About 350 free online books on the subject of “Self-help Techniques”. Topics include: enrich your life, recovering from extramarital affairs, staying sober, recovering from depression, self help, self-discovery, stress management, overcoming anxiety, become your own therapist, being free of guilt, overcoming fear, power of positive thinking, personal growth and change, personal career growth, achievement motivation, strategies for stress management, self-therapy, self-help books, self-awareness, girls’ guide to success.

Popular Psychology Collection

About 230 free online books on the subject of “Popular Psychology”. Topics include: Guide to mental health, road less travelled, works of C.G. Jung, hypnotherapy, personal and professional success, mental health, mid-life crisis, art of intimacy, learn to meditate, anger management, wisdom for everyday life, power of the subconscious, power of positive thinking, grief recovery, self-empowerment, handwriting analysis, dependency in relationships, social anxiety, personal crisis, daily meditations, I’m OK you’re OK, assertiveness in relationships, good self help books, self-improvement.

Stress Management & Eating Disorders

Anxiety Collection

About 400 free online books on the subject of “Anxiety”. Topics include: overcoming anxiety, anxiety disorders, living with anxiety, manage your anxiety, theories of anxiety, self-help for anxiety, living with fear, anxiety cure, worry-free living, mastering anxiety, natural medicine for anxiety, social anxieties, anxiety in relationships, finding serenity, relieve anxiety, conquer fear, anxiety disorders in children, neurotic disorders, stage fright, panic disorder, test anxiety, women and anxiety, psychology of anxiety, anxiety attacks, phobias, psychology of stress, coping with fear, anxiety and depression, separation anxiety disorder, stress and anxiety.

Psychological Stress Collection

About 300 free online books on the subject of “Psychological Stress”. Topics include: stress management, stress and anxiety, controlling stress, stress relief, manage stress, beating stress, science of stress, coping with stress, research of stress, stress reduction, male stress syndrome, relaxation and stress, burning out, learn to relax, stress that motivates, harmful stress, managing anger, healing stress.

Eating Disorders Collection

About 300 free online books on the subject of “Eating Disorders”. Topics include: coping with eating disorders, facts about eating disorders, anorexia nervosa, bulimia, compulsive eating, treatment of eating disorders, therapies for eating disorders, people with eating problems, compulsive eaters, obesity, treatment of eating disorders, prevention of eating disorders, overcoming eating disorders, eating habits, eating problems, eating problems of children, weight problems.

Motivational & Inspirational

Motivation (Psychology) Collection

About 350 free online books on the subject of “Motivation (Psychology)”. Topics include: human motivation, motivation theory, self-motivation, motivating people, secrets of success, success strategies, achieving your potential, psychology of motivation, personal growth and change, achievement motivation, leadership and motivation, inner motivation.

Motivational & Inspirational Collection

About 300 free online books on the subject of “Motivational & Inspirational”. Topics include: inspirational verse, chicken soup for the soul, inspirational stories of recovery, strategies for fulfillment, guide for living well, wisdom from the scriptures, power of positive thinking, secrets of success, life without limits, successful living, popular self-help, inner motivation, self-care books, self improvement.

New Age Self-Help

Body, Mind & Spirit Collection

About 820 free online books on the subject of “Body, Mind & Spirit”. Topics include: astrological guides, horoscopes, sun signs, tarot, chicken soup for the soul, developing your psychic skills, personal astrology, palmistry, guardian angels, reincarnation, Gaia, prophecies of Armageddon, numerology, prophecies of Nostradamus, practice of palmistry, dream interpretation, past lives, Seth, Buddhist wisdom, secret societies, palm reading, levels of creation, numerology for beginners, Theosophy, how to be a medium, the afterlife, life of the soul, Edgar Cayce, Sydney Omar, handwriting analysis, hypnotism, self-development with Tarot, crystal decoder, coin divination, astrological chart, shamanism, cosmic consciousness, Zodiac, lost continent of Mu, Moses code, alchemists, superstitions, case for ghosts, witches, mysticism, tea leaf reading, millennium fears, how to meditate, Chinese horoscopes, paganism, Wicca, past lives, UFOs, divination, synchronicity, mystic experience, I Ching, Feng Shui, auras, Mayan code, Sylvia Browne, paranormal, Linda Goodman, ESP, psychokinesis, J. Krishnamurti, Jungian psychotherapy, predictions of Nostradamus, witchcraft, psychic abilities, New Age encyclopedia.

Mind, Body, Spirit: Disciplines & Techniques Collection

About 200 free online books on the subject of “Mind, Body, Spirit: Disciplines & Techniques”.


About 210 free online books on the subject of “Horoscopes”.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth Collection

About 300 free online books on the subject of “Personal Growth”. Topics include: road less travelled, awakening the warrior within, winning spirit, the other 90%, motivation and goal-setting, personal growth, body language, life challenges, unleash the power of your mind, best self-help books, growth within yourself, self-improvement, motivational quotes, popular self-help, inner motivation.

Self-Actualization Collection

About 1,880 free online books on the subject of “Self-Actualization”. Topics include: self-actualization, working from home, psychological theories of motivation, emotional intelligence, healthy aging, chicken soup for the soul, psychic powers, achieving your potential, how to live the life you choose, personal empowerment, self-discovery, true self, midlife crisis, Edward de Bono, balance your life, self-empowerment, life balance, how to inspire others, life strategies, self-improvement, personal growth.

Self-Realization Collection

About 870 free online books on the subject of “Self-Realization”.

Free online magazines about Health & Fitness

Change (Psychology) Collection

About 300 free online books on the subject of “Change (Psychology)”.

Personal Growth – Happiness Collection

About 120 free online books on the subject of “Personal Growth – Happiness”.

Relationships & Communication

Interpersonal Conflict Collection

About 220 free online books on the subject of “Interpersonal Conflict”.

Family & Relationships Collection

About 2,300 free online books on the subject of “Family & Relationships”.

Interpersonal Relations Collection

About 4,400 free online books on the subject of “Interpersonal Relations”.

Achievement & Success

Success – Psychological Aspects Collection

About 230 free online books on the subject of “Success – Psychological Aspects”.

Advice on Careers and Achieving Success Collection

About 260 free online books on the subject of “Advice on Careers and Achieving Success”.

Personal Growth – Success Collection

About 190 free online books on the subject of “Personal Growth – Success”.

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