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Links to 2,700 digitized newspapers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the U.S. All Australian newspapers appear to be located at “The Trove”, at the National Library of Australia. The numerous U.S. newspapers links are from a variety of state and university digitized collections.

Fulton History

Tryniski, Thomas M.

Collection of millions of pages of newspapers online. About half appear to be local newspapers from upstate New York; the remainder from a variety of other towns and cities. Searchable.

Google News Archive


Google offers archived copies of numerous newspapers from around the world, organized alphabetically by title. It does not appear to be possible to search for newspapers by country or location.

Two thousand articles on a variety of subjects, plus online map collections, at History Resources

Wikipedia: List of Online Newspaper Archives

Wikipedia online

This page has links to some online newspaper archives from countries around the world, and indicates whether they are paid or free. The U.S. section is sub-categorized by state, and the Canada section is sub-categorized by province.

Historical Worldwide Newspapers Online

Bowling Green State University Libraries

Links to numerous newspapers from around the world, as well as collections of newspapers, organized by country.

The Ancestor Hunt – United States Online Historical Newspaper

This appears to be the most comprehensive website for historical U.S. and Canadian newspapers, and it is constantly being updated and expanded. There is a page for each state and Canadian province. Also pages for many special collections, such as:

– African-American
– American Farming
– German American
– Pennsylvania Civil War Era

The site contains many tutorials and other guidance for doing research in newspapers, and has links to other significant online newspaper collections, mainly for North America.

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers

Washington: Library of Congress

This Library of Congress directory of U.S. Newspapers lists a huge number of past newspapers, when and where they were published, and where they can be found now. Some of the newspapers are digitized on this site.

Over 100 magazines online, from the early 1800s to today, at Read Old Magazines Online

Historical Newspapers Online

University of Pennsylvania

This Penn Library site is a collection of links to archived online U.S. newspapers, grouped by state.

Links to collections or individual newspapers in five Great Lakes states

can be found at these pages on the History of the Great Lakes States website:

Ohio Periodicals page

Illinois Periodicals page

Indiana Periodicals page

Michigan Periodicals page

Wisconsin Periodicals page

Canada Newspaper Archives

The Ancestor Hunt – United States Online Historical Newspaper Links

See the entry for this site on this page under “United States” for more information.

The Early Alberta Newspaper Collection

Alberta Heritage Digitization Project

The site currently has nearly 60 titles in its free online archive of Canadian newspapers.

French-Canadian Newspapers: An Essential Historical Source (1808-1919)

Library and Archives Canada

The site has 198 newspaper titles. Only one issue is online for most titles.

Collections of articles at Articles on U.S. History until 1800 and Articles on 19th Century U.S. History

Historical Canadian Newspapers Online

Bowling Green State University Libraries

Contains links to several free online collections or archives of Canadian newspapers as well as links to a few hundred individual titles. Organized by province.

Manitobia: Digital Resources on Manitoba History

Manitoba Library Consortium

The site currently offers 38 newspaper titles, in addition to photo collections, maps, and books on local history.

A Nation’s Chronicle: The Canada Gazette

Library and Archives Canada

“Often referred to as “the official newspaper of the Government of Canada,” the Canada Gazette has been an important instrument in the Canadian democratic process for more than 160 years. The database comprises images taken from microfilm, microfiche and rare original copies of the Gazette”
– Website Introduction

Nova Scotia Historical Newspapers Online

Libraries Nova Scotia

Approximately 25 titles are available, including a few from the 18th century. Community Newspapers Collection

About 25 titles are available.

Collected articles from a century ago on Political and Social Issues

Peel’s Prairie Provinces

University of Alberta Libraries

The site offers about 110 titles from western Canada. It also has 7,500 digitized books, 16,000 postcards and 1,000 maps.

Welsh Newspapers Online

The National Library of Wales

About 115 newspapers published between 1804 and 1919. The majority are English-language, with the remainder in Welsh. Free. Good user interface.

Australia Newspaper Archives


Australia National Library

Hundreds of Australian newspapers in this free online archive, from the 19th to the mid-20th century. The site also has other online resources: books, images, maps, music, archives and more.

New Zealand Newspaper Archives

Papers Past

New Zealand National Library

About 90 publications from all regions of New Zealand. 1839-1945.

Online archives of free online newspapers for the U.S. and some other English-speaking countries.

Century Past Library


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