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American Cookery: The Boston Cooking-School Magazine of Culinary Science and Domestic Economics

Vol 7 (Jun 1902) to Vol 26 (1921-1922)

Boston        Dewey Dec.    050

“Name changed from Boston Cooking School Magazine, June, 1914. Chiefly devoted to foods and cooking, though other phases of housekeeping receive some attention.”
– – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

American Heritage

1949- Present

Dewey Dec. 050

“Dedicated to covering the history of the United States of America for a mainstream readership. Until 2007, the magazine was published by Forbes. Since that time, Edwin S. Grosvenor has been its publisher. Print publication was suspended early in 2013, but the magazine relaunched in digital format with the Summer 2017 issue.” -Wikipedia


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American Historical Review

Vol 1 (1895) – Vol 27 (1922)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

One of the leading scholarly journals for academic historians.

American History (Magazine of …)

Vol 1 – 30 (1877- 1893)

Index 1877-1893

Vol 30-32, 38-46 (1902-1904, 1910-1916)

Boston        Dewey Dec.    050

The Magazine of American History was established in 1877 by Martha J. Lamb, Nathan G. Pond and John A. Stevens as a monthly. It ceased publication in 1893. In 1901 the magazine was re-started as simply The Magazine of American History, and lasted through Volume 47 in 1917. Not all volumes were found online.

American History

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – World History Group

Published bi-monthly (6 issues per year). A popular magazine exploring the American experience.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

American Libraries

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – American Library Association

6 issues per year. The official news and features magazine of the American Library Association.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

American Magazine

Vol 1-94

Vol 41

Vols. 80-84

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

The first link has all volumes from 1 to 94 (1876-1922) except those at the other two links.
The American Magazine was founded in 1906 as a continuation of a failed publication purchased from publishing mogul Miriam Leslie. It began as Frank Leslie’s Popular Monthly in 1876 and went through two more name changes prior to 1906. This site contains virtually all volumes since 1876. When new management took over in 1906, muckraking journalists Ray Stannard Baker, Lincoln Steffens and Ida M. Tarbell left McClure’s (also found on this web page) for American Magazine. Baker used the pseudonym David Grayson (but sometimes also used his own name). Besides social issues, American Magazine also focused on human interest stories and fiction. – information from Wikipedia entry “The American Magazine”

The American Mercury


New York Dewey Dec. 050

An American magazine published from 1924 to 1981. It was founded as the brainchild of H. L. Mencken and drama critic George Jean Nathan. The magazine featured writing by some of the most important writers in the United States through the 1920s and 1930s. After a change in ownership in the 1940s, the magazine attracted conservative writers. A second change in ownership a decade later turned the magazine into a virulently anti-Semitic publication. It was published monthly in New York City. The magazine went out of business in 1981, having spent the last 25 years of its existence in decline and controversy.” -Wikipedia

American Motorist

Vols 1,2,4,5,11

Vols 6,7,8,9,10,13,14

Washington, DC        Dewey Dec.    050

All volumes from 1909 to 1922 except Vol. 3 (1911) are at the two links.
“Magazine published by major membership organization for drivers (American Automobile Association); contains many ads as well as articles chronicling the growth of the automobile industry. Each issue provides copious additional information on the building of roads, tourism, touring, and tourist camps, exemplary motorists and good driving skills, as well as other related topics.” -LOC American Memory site

American Railroad Journal

First Group

Second Group

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

Established in 1831. There is some confusion with this magazine, as a second and then a third series began appearing during the 1840s, apparently while the first series continued to be published. It appeared for a time as American Railroad Journal and Mechanics’ Magazine.

American Review of Reviews

Vol 2 (Jul-Dec 1890)

Vol 3 (1891) – Vol 66 (1922)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

Known at various times as the American Monthly Review of Reviews and Review of Reviews, but not to be confused with its British counterpart, also entitled Review of Reviews. According to a profile in Wikipedia, the American Review of Reviews “…represented the views and concerns of participants in the trans-Atlantic culture of progressive reform…”, and is “…one of the best primary sources on American reform between 1890 and 1920, providing not only a panoramic view of the range of reformers’ interests, but also the ties between British and American progressives.”

The American Spectator


New York Dewey Dec. 050

“The American Spectator is a conservative U.S. website (and formerly monthly magazine) covering news and politics, edited by Emmett Tyrrell and published by the non-profit American Spectator Foundation.” -Wikipedia

Ancestry Magazine


U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“Ancestry Magazine was a general interest genealogy magazine owned by Operations Inc. The magazine began as Ancestry Newsletter, a small, genealogy-industry newsletter in 1983, and became a four-color, 68-page, glossy print, bimonthly publication in 1994. After more than 25 years in print, the magazine was discontinued with the March/April 2010 issue.” -Wikipedia

Atlantic Monthly

Vol 1 (1858) – Vol 130 (1922)

Boston        Dewey Dec.    050

The linked page has several copies of the series. The series from Univ. of Michigan appears to be the most complete.
“Has probably maintained the highest average literary standard of any American magazine. The fiction, poetry and literary criticism are usually excellent and the literary essay has always been a prominent feature. Philosophical, political, economic and sociological matters are treated in scholarly but semi-popular fashion. Liberal rather than radical in viewpoint.”
– – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

The Atlantic

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – Emerson Collective

Publishes 10 issues per year, featuring articles in the fields of politics, foreign affairs, business and the economy, culture and the arts, technology, and science. In 2016 it was named Magazine of the Year by the American Society of Magazine Editors.
PDF Version – May download slowly.



U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“An American publication that features information on wilderness hiking and adventure. It has been published since 1973. Backpacker magazine is currently published by Active Interest Media and is based in Boulder, Colorado. The magazine moved from Emmaus, Pennsylvania to Boulder in August 2007.” -Wikipedia

Better Homes and Gardens

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – Meredith Corp.

A monthly, that focuses on interests regarding homes, cooking, gardening, crafts, healthy living, decorating, and entertaining.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

Better Nutrition


U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“Reaching nearly 1 million readers monthly, Better Nutrition celebrates 70 years as a leading in-store distributed magazine for health conscious consumers. Widely distributed to thousands of health-food stores and grocery chains across the country, Better Nutrition provides authoritative, well-researched information on food nutrition, dietary concerns, supplements and other natural products.” -Publisher



U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“A cycling brand published by Hearst in Easton, Pennsylvania. Bicycling claims to be the world’s largest cycling magazine.” -Wikipedia



U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“An American entertainment media brand owned by the Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group, a division of Eldridge Industries. It publishes pieces involving news, video, opinion, reviews, events, and style, and is also known for its music charts, including the Hot 100 and Billboard 200, tracking the most popular songs and albums in different genres. It also hosts events, owns a publishing firm, and operates several TV shows.” -Wikipedia

Book Review Digest

Vols 1-17

NY: H.W. Wilson        Dewey Dec.    050

The link has all volumes from 1 to 17 (1905-1922). Vol 17 (1922) has a cumulative index covering 1917-1921. The Digest is “devoted to the valuation of current literature”. Each annual volume covers select books published in the previous year, and each book entry contains snippets (often 50-100 words) from several reviews found in a search of over 50 publications.

The Bookman; an Illustrated Literary Journal

Vol 1 (Feb-Jul 1895) to Vol. 55 (Mar-Aug 1922)

Vol 8 (Sep 1898-Feb 1899)

Vol 9 (Mar-Aug 1899)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“Illustrated articles on literary biography, criticism and literary history with occasional discussions of art. Sprightly in tone and very useful for study clubs. The book reviews, which vary from detailed criticism to mere comment, are much used by libraries and bookmen generally. Since February 1917, the scope has been widened to include more articles on general political and social subjects.”
– – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

Boys’ Life


New York        Dewey Dec.    050

Published by Boy Scouts of America, this monthly magazine has been the official magazine of the Boy Scouts since 1912. Issues from March, 1911, when the magazine began, up to December 2012 are freely available online at the “Boys’ Life Wayback Machine”.


Vol 1 (1870 – Vol 104 (1922)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“A general magazine with considerable emphasis on history, art and travel. The illustrations and presswork are excellent. The fiction is usually of high grade. Compare Atlantic Monthly, Harper’s Magazine, and Scribner’s Magazine.”
– – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

Collier’s National Weekly

Vol 28 (1901) – Vol 68 (1921) Incomplete

Vol 41 (1908) – Vol 61 (1918) Incomplete


New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“An aggressive illustrated weekly devoted to current events. Radical but attempts to present opponent’s viewpoint also. Also includes short stories and serials and occasional poems.”
– – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918


Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – Hearst Communications

An international fashion and entertainment magazine for women.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

Country Life


Remaining Issues

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

All volumes from 1 to 42, except 3, 24 and 28, can be found at the first link. The three missing volumes, and many others, are at the second link.
The magazine began in 1901 with a target audience of people living in rural America, but changed its focus to city dwellers looking for ideas on country living. The 1904 issues are titled: Country Life in America; a magazine for the home-maker, the country gentleman, the farmer, the gardener, the nature-student, and the lover of clean athletics and sports. In 1911 it was titled Country Life in America, a magazine for the home-maker in the country. In 1917 the name changed to The New Country Life. It ceased production in 1942.

The Crisis


U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“The Crisis is the official magazine of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). It was founded in 1910 by W. E. B. Du Bois (editor), Oswald Garrison Villard, J. Max Barber, Charles Edward Russell, Kelly Miller, W. S. Braithwaite, and Mary Dunlop Maclean. The Crisis has been in continuous print since 1910, and it is the oldest black oriented magazine in the world.” -Wikipedia


Vol 15 No. 1 (Nov 1959) to Vol 64 No. 2 (Dec 2008)

Recent Issues and Recent Years

Chicago, IL Dewey Dec. 050

“Ebony is a monthly magazine for the African-American market. It was founded by John H. Johnson in Chicago and has published continuously since the autumn of 1945. In 2016 Johnson sold the publication to private equity firm Clear View Group.” -Wikipedia

The Economist (US version)

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – The Economist Group

Founded in England in 1843. A weekly newsmagazine that ” takes an editorial stance of classical and economic liberalism that supports free trade, globalisation, free immigration and cultural liberalism.” – Wikipedia
PDF Version – May download slowly.


Vol 1 – 42 (1880-1922)

Boston        Dewey Dec.    050

Subtitle: “A Monthly Magazine devoted to the Science, Art, Philosophy and Literature of Education”


Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – Hearst Magazines

An American men’s magazine.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

Everybody’s Magazine

Vol 1 – 47 (1899-1922)

NY: North American Company        Dewey Dec.    050

According to the Magazine’s entry in Wikipedia, it was founded by Philadelphia merchant John Wanamaker in 1899, who had little role in its operations. It published a mix of non-fiction and fiction. In 1903, with a circulation of 150,000, it was sold to a group headed by Erman Jesse Ridgeway. A series of muckraking articles called “Frenzied Finance” in 1904 boosted circulation to over 500,000, and it stayed above that mark for many years, while changing its content to mainly fiction.

Family Circle

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – Meredith

An American home magazine. 12 issues per year.
PDF Version – May download slowly.


A Journal devoted to the Interests, Practice and Progress of Aerial Locomotion and Transport. Official Organ of the Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom


London        Dewey Dec.    050

Weekly, 1909-2004

To browse through PDF files of the magazine archives, find the “Search the Flight Archive” box near the top of the “Archive” page and click the “Search” button. A “Browse by Years” box will appear to the right of the search box.

Foreign Policy

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – The FP Group

Publishes 6 issues per year. An American news publication, founded in 1970 and focused on global affairs, current events, and domestic and international policy.
PDF Version – May download slowly.


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Game Informer

Recent Issues and Recent Years


An American monthly video game magazine featuring articles, news, strategy, and reviews of video games and associated consoles.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

Good Housekeeping



Recent Issues and Recent Years

Holyoke, Mass        Dewey Dec.    050

The second link has a complete set to 1950; the first link is included because readers may find the user interface more comfortable. Good Housekeeping is a woman’s magazine that was founded in 1885 in Holyoke, Massachusetts. It was bought in 1911 by the Hearst Corporation, which rapidly increased the magazine’s circulation. It was Hearst’s most profitable magazine for decades during the mid-20th century. As of the beginning of 2015 it is still owned by Hearst and continues to be very popular.

Harper’s Bazaar

Go to Periodical

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

Vol 3 (1870) to Vol 57 (1922) Incomplete.
“Originally devoted to fashions, but now has broadened its field and includes articles on every phase of woman’s work in the home, and both short and serial fiction. Dressmaking and general fashions are still prominent and, like the Delineator, patterns for any of the garments illustrated may be purchased.”
– Walter, Frank K., Periodicals for the Small Library (1913)

Harper’s Magazine

Vol 1 (1850) – Vol 145 (1922) Incomplete

Most remaining issues

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

” One of the best general magazines ranking with Scribner’s and with the Century in its best days. Pays considerable attention to travel and popularized science, and includes frequent essays and biography. The fiction is good and a large proportion of the serials appear later in book form. Current events, literary criticism and humor are represented by separate editorial departments. The illustrations are good and the color work excellent.”
– – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

High Fidelity


U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“High Fidelity was an American magazine that was published from April 1951 until July 1989 and was a source of information about high fidelity audio equipment, video equipment, audio recordings, and other aspects of the musical world, such as music history, biographies, and anecdotal stories by or about noted performers. -Wikipedia

The Home-Maker: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine

Vol. 1. October 1888 – March 1889

NY: Home-Maker Pub. Co., Harland, Marion, ed.        Dewey Dec.    050


The Horseless Age

Vol 2 (1896) – Vol 44 (1918) Incomplete

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

Automobile Trade Magazine 1895-1918. This was the first magazine to cover conveyances powered by internal combustion engines.

House & Garden

Vol 1 (1901) – Vol 42 (1922)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“Devoted chiefly to home planning and furnishing, interior decoration and gardening of all kinds. In September, 1915, American Homes and Gardens was consolidated with it.” – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918


Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – Creative Bloq

The best-selling magazine for digital artists.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

In These Times


U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“In These Times is an American politically progressive monthly magazine of news and opinion published in Chicago, Illinois. It was established as a broadsheet-format fortnightly newspaper in 1976 by James Weinstein, a lifelong socialist, with the aid of Julian Bond, Noam Chomsky and Herbert Marcuse. It investigates alleged corporate and government wrongdoing, covers international affairs, and has a cultural section. It regularly reports on labor, economic and racial justice movements, environmental issues, feminism, grassroots democracy, minority communities, and the media.” -Wikipedia

The Independent

Vol 50 (1898) – Vol 109 (1922)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“Originally a religious weekly but now a weekly magazine devoted principally to discussions of current events and tendencies. Both sides of controverted questions are usually represented and briefs of debates on current questions are frequently included. Used in many high schools in the study of literature, history and civics.” – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918


Vol 1 (Nov 1951) to Vol 114 (Oct 2008)

Chicago, IL Dewey Dec. 050

“Jet is a magazine marketed to African-American readers. It was founded in 1951 by John H. Johnson of the Johnson Publishing Company in Chicago, Illinois, as an American weekly. ” – Wikipedia

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance


U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“An American personal finance magazine published by Kiplinger since 1947. It claims to be the first American personal finance magazine and to deliver “sound, unbiased advice in clear, concise language”. It offers advice on managing money and achieving financial security, saving, investing, planning for retirement, paying for college, and major purchases like automobiles and homes.” -Wikipedia

Ladies’ Home Journal

Vol 3-6 (Dec 1885 – 1889)

Vol 7-11 (1889-1894), Vol 15 (1897-98), most issues 1921-22

Philadelphia        Dewey Dec.    050

“The most widely read of the women’s magazines and as popular in reading rooms as for home use. The serials and short stories are always moral in purpose and often of considerable literary merit. Biography, current social movements and social reform are well represented. Personal hygiene and personal ethics, in all their phases are included in every, number. Many distinct departments deal with every side of domestic life from cooking, holiday and other entertainments, dressmaking and millinery to house planning and decoration. Much criticised for the very obvious character of much of its ethical teaching and other advice, and so widely read by all classes as to be nearly superfluous in many smaller libraries.”
– – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

The Ladies’ Home Journal first appeared in 1883, and in 1903 became the first American magazine to reach 1 million subscribers. It was the most popular American women’s magazine through the 1950s, and then began to fall behind competitors in circulation. In 2014 it ceased publication as a monthly.

Library Journal

Vol 1 (1876) – Vol 47 (1922)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

Official organ of the Library Associations of America and the United Kingdom, Nov. 1877 – June 1882; of the American Library Association, July 1882-Aug. 1907.


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Chicago        Dewey Dec.    050

Vol 1 (Jan-Jun 1883)-Vol 80 (Jul-Dec 1922). Nearly all volumes in the range appear to be at the first link. Vol 1 (Nov 1936)- Vol 73 (Dec 1972) are at the second link, on a site provided by the magazine.
Life was published as a weekly magazine from 1883 to 1972. It was initially a humor and general interest / light entertainment magazine, similar to the British magazine Puck. In 1936 it was acquired by Henry Luce, who changed the focus to news and particularly to photojournalism.

Literary Digest

Vol 3 (1891)- Vol 74 (1922) Incomplete

1922-Jan 1939 (Most issues)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“A digest of articles from American and foreign newspapers, periodicals and books. Covers domestic and foreign current events, pure and applied science, religion, philosophy, art, literature and so forth. Impartial, with no editorial page. Its wide scope and brief, popularized articles make it popular with busy people and its wide range makes it valuable for reference, though this is sometimes lessened by the brevity of the articles. The current poetry included in every issue is a valuable feature. Much used in high school classes.”
-F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

Los Angeles Magazine


Los Angeles, CA Dewey Dec. 050

“A monthly publication dedicated to covering Los Angeles. Founded in 1961, the magazine is currently owned and published by Hour Media Group, LLC. Los Angeles magazine’s combination of feature writing, investigative reporting, service journalism, and design has earned the publication three National Magazine Awards. The magazine covers people, lifestyle, culture, entertainment, fashion, art and architecture, and news.” -Wikipedia


Vol 1 (1893) – Vol 54 (1922)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

McClure’s magazine (1893-1929) is credited with having started the tradition of muckraking journalism (investigative, watchdog or reform journalism), and helped shape the moral compass of the day. The magazine featured both political and literary content, publishing serialized novels-in-progress, a chapter at a time. In this way, McClure’s published such writers as Willa Cather, Arthur Conan Doyle, Herminie T. Kavanagh, Rudyard Kipling, Jack London, Lincoln Steffens, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Mark Twain. Examples of its work include Ida Tarbell’s series in 1902 exposing the monopoly abuses of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company, and Ray Stannard Baker’s earlier look at the United States Steel Corporation, which focused the public eye on the conduct of corporations.
— Wikipedia

Men’s Health


Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“Men’s Health (MH), published by Hearst, is the world’s largest men’s magazine brand, with 35 editions in 59 countries. It is also the best-selling men’s magazine on U.S. newsstands. Although originally started as a men’s health magazine, it currently covers various men’s lifestyle topics such as fitness, nutrition, fashion, and sexuality.” -Wikipedia


Recent years to June 2019

U.S. – Meredith

A monthly personal finance magazine that printed its last issue in June 2019.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

Mother Jones

Vol 1, No. 3 (May 1976) to Vol 25, No. 1 (Jan-Feb 2000)

Dewey Dec. 050

“An American magazine that focuses on news, commentary, and investigative reporting on topics including politics, the environment, human rights, and culture. Its political inclination is variously described as either liberal or progressive.” – Wikipedia

Motion Picture

Vol 1 (1911) – Vol 40 (1931), incomplete

Vol 1 (1911) – 36 (1929)

Vol 30 (1925) – 40 (1931)

Brooklyn, NY        Dewey Dec.    050

This monthly fan magazine was founded by Vitagraph Studios founder J. Stuart Blackton and partner Eugene V. Brewster, and was called The Motion Picture Story Magazine until the name was shortened in 1914. Early editions included fiction and information about getting involved in film production. It then shifted the focus to celebrities, and attracted a larger female readership.

Motor Age

Vol 5 (1904) – Vol 42 (1922) Incomplete

Chicago        Dewey Dec.    050

A weekly trade publication covering automotive industry news and auto racing.

The Motorcycle Illustrated

Vol 3 (1908) – Vol 17 (1921) Incomplete

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“Devoted to the Development of Motorcycling in America”

The Nation


New York        Dewey Dec.    050

The location at the link appears to contain nearly all volumes from 1 (1865) to 115 (1922). Included is a 2-volume index for 1865-1917.
The Nation is the oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the U.S., and was a successor to abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison’s Liberator. It was established in 1865 in Manhattan, and established a reputation for taking on reform causes. In 1881 it was acquired by Henry Villard, who transformed it into a weekly literary supplement for his daily newspaper New York Evening Post. In 1900 Villard’s son Oswald inherited the magazine and newspaper.
-from information in the Wikipedia entry.

National Geographic Magazine

Vol 1 (1889)    Vol 2 (1890)    Vol 3 (1891)    Vol 4 (1892)    Vol 5 (1893)

Vol 6 (1894-95)    Vol 7 (1896)    Vol 8 (1897)    Vol 9 (1898)    Vol 10 (1899)

Vol 11 (1900)    Vol 12 (1901)    Vol 13 (1902)    Vol 14 (1903)    Vol 15 (1904)

Vol 16 (1905)    Vol 17 (1906)    Vol 18 (1907)    Vol 19 (1908)    Vol 20 (1909)

Vol 21 (1910 Jan-Jun)    Vol 21 (1910 Jul-Dec)    Vol 22 (1911 Jan-Jun)

Vol 22 (1911 Jul-Dec)    Vol 23 (1912 Jan-Jun)    Vol 23 (1912 Jul-Dec)

Vol 24 (1913 Jan-Jun)    Vol 24 (1913 Jul-Dec)    Vol 25 (1914 Jan-Jun)

Vol 26 (1914 Jul-Dec)     Vol 27 (1915 Jan-Jun)    Vol 28 (1915 Jul-Dec)

Vol 29 (1916 Jan-Jun)    Vol 30 (1916 Jul-Dec)    Vol 31 (1917 Jan-Jun)

Vol 32 (1917 Jul-Dec)    Vol 33 (1918 Jan-Jun)    Vol 34 (1918 Jul-Dec)

Vol 35 (1919 Jan-Jun)    Vol 36 (1919 Jul-Dec)    Vol 37 (1920 Jan-Jun)

Vol 38 (1920 Jul-Dec)    Vol 39 (1921 Jan-Jun)    Vol 40 (1921 Jul-Dec)

Vol 41 (1922 Jan-Jun)    Vol 42 (1922 Jul-Dec)

Washington, D.C.        Dewey Dec.    050

“One of the most popular magazines in reading-rooms of all kinds. Profusely illustrated articles on travel in all countries, manners and customs, natural resources, botany and zoology, and commercial activities. Accurate but interesting and as non-technical as its subjects permit.” – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

National Geographic

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – National Geographic Partners

The official magazine of the National Geographic Society.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

National Geographic Traveler

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – National Geographic Partners

“A resource for active, curious travelers. It uses storytelling and you-are-there photography.” -Amazon
PDF Version – May download slowly.

National Parks


U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

Published by the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), the only independent, nonpartisan membership organization devoted exclusively to advocacy on behalf of the National Parks System. Its mission is “to protect and enhance America’s National Park System for present and future generations.” -Wikipedia

New England Magazine

Vol 1 – 6; Series 2 Vol 1-56 (1884-1917)

Boston        Dewey Dec.    050

This publication began in 1884 as The Bay State Monthly; subtitled “A Massachusetts Magazine of Literature, History, Biography, and State Progress”. Beginning with Volume 4 the title became The New England Magazine. After volume 6 it was issued as a “New Series” with NS Vol 1 containing issues from September 1889 – Feb 1890. The page linked here has all volumes from 1884 to 1917, when it ceased publication.

The New Republic; A Journal of Opinion

Vol 1 (1914) – Vol 32 (1922)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“Discusses every important phase of social or literary activity. Literary and dramatic criticism receive much attention. The candor and fearlessness of its articles excite much criticism but increase its value in any controversy of current interest.”
– – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

New Scientist

Vol 6 (Nov 1952) to Vol 124 (Dec 1989)

London, UK Dewey Dec. 050

“New Scientist magazine was launched in 1956 “for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences”. The brand’s mission is no different today – for its consumers, New Scientist reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour set in the context of society and culture.” – Publisher

New York Magazine

Vol 1 (Apr 1968) to Vol 30 (Dec 1997)

New York Dewey Dec. 050

“New York is an American biweekly magazine concerned with life, culture, politics, and style generally, and with a particular emphasis on New York City. Founded by Milton Glaser and Clay Felker in 1968 as a competitor to The New Yorker, it was brasher and less polite, and established itself as a cradle of New Journalism. Over time, it became more national in scope, publishing many noteworthy articles on American culture by writers such as Tom Wolfe, Jimmy Breslin, Nora Ephron, John Heilemann, Frank Rich, and Rebecca Traister.” – Wikipedia

New York Review of Books

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – Rea S. Hederman

A semi-monthly magazine with articles on literature, culture, economics, science and current affairs.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

New York Times Magazine

2013 to the Present

New York Dewey Dec. 050

“a Sunday magazine supplement included with the Sunday edition of The New York Times. It is host to feature articles longer than those typically in the newspaper and has attracted many notable contributors. The magazine is also noted for its photography, especially relating to fashion and style.” -Wikipedia

The New Yorker

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – Conde Nast

“An American magazine featuring journalism, commentary, criticism, essays, fiction, satire, cartoons, and poetry.” -Wikipedia
PDF Version – May download slowly.


Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – Independently published.

An American weekly news magazine founded in 1933.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

Niles’ Weekly Register

Vol 1 (1811) – Vol 75 (1849)

Baltimore, MD        Dewey Dec.    050

“Containing political, political, historical, geographical, scientifical, statistical, economical, and biographical documents, essays and facts; together with notices of the arts and manufactures, and a record of the events of the times.”
Vols 5, 7-9, 15-16, 23, 38 and 43 contain supplements.
Hezekiah Niles (1777-1839) was the editor until 1836, when he was succeeded by his son, William Ogden Niles. Jeremiah Hughes bought the Register in 1839 and edited it until it was discontinued in 1849.

“… in the first half of the 19th century, the Register was as well-known as the New York Times and Washington Post are known today. From 1811 to 1849, it was the principal window through which many Americans looked out on their country and the world. The scope of the work was immense, its circulation was large (the largest in the United States, by some accounts) … ”
– W.H. Earle, Niles Register, 1811-1849: Window on the World Website.

North American Review

Vol 1(May-Sep 1815 ) to Vol 216 (Jul-Dec 1922)

1821 to 1939

Boston        Dewey Dec.    050

The first link, in HathiTrust, has a very large number of issues from 1815 to 1922. The second link (UNZ) appears to contains many issues from 1821 to 1887, and a nearly complete run of issues from 1888 to 1939.
“One of America’s leading literary journals of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Early contributors included William Cullen Bryant, Daniel Webster, John Adams, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Francis Parkman. Two of the Review‘s best-known editors, in the 1860s and 1870s, were James Russell Lowell and Henry Adams. In the late 1870s, under new ownership, the Review was transformed into a national periodical noted “for its critical influence and outstanding writing concerning social and political issues”. Contributors then included William Gladstone, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Mark Twain and H.G. Wells.”
Encyclopedia Britannica online

Old House Journal


U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“An American magazine that specializes in information about the restoration of old houses. Its first issue was published in 1973 in Brooklyn, New York, as a black-and-white, advertising-free newsletter for devotees of the urban Brownstone Revival Movement in East Coast cities that reacted against the urban renewal devastation of the 1960s. The magazine is currently part of Active Interest Media and is jointly published by Active Interest Media and Home Buyer Publications.” -Wikipedia

O, The Oprah Magazine

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – Hearst Communications

“As the only magazine devoted to personal growth, O, The Oprah Magazine engages and addresses every aspect of a woman’s life – from beauty and style, to food, health, and more. We inspire, motivate and celebrate our reader’s journeys to live their best life.” – Magazine mission statement.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

Organic Gardening


U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“Organic Gardening magazine inspires and empowers readers with trusted information about how to grow the freshest, most healthful food, create a beautiful, safe haven around their homes, use our natural resources wisely, and care for the environment in all aspects of their lives.” – Publisher; Rodale Inc.

Outing. An Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Recreation

Vol 3 (1883) – Vol 82 (1923)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“Devoted to outdoor life in all its phases. Chiefly useful in reading-rooms for men and boys interested in outdoor sports and other athletics. Wholesome in tone and popular among high school and college students.”
– – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

The Outlook

Vol 48 (1893) to Vol 132 (1922)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“One of the best-known weeklies dealing with current events. Continuation of the Christian Union, which forms volumes 1-47 of the series. Each number is illustrated. Contains discussions of and editorial comments on social and political matters with one or more rather lengthy literary articles. The editorials are able and the whole magazine reflects the personality of its editorial staff. Strongly in favor of social reforms but not inclined toward drastic measures. A very timely reference aid on current events and much used for this purpose in high schools.”
– – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

Overland Monthly

Go to Magazine

San Francisco        Dewey Dec.    050

Monthly. First Series: Vol 1 (Jul-Dec 1868) to Vol 15 (Jul-Dec 1875). Series Two: Vol 1 (Jan-Jun 1883) to Vol 79 (Jan-Jun 1922)
Edited by Bret Harte, the Overland Monthly; devoted to the Development of the Country began production in 1868 in San Francisco and continued through 1875. It contained non-fiction, short stories and poetry. In 1880 the publishers founded the Californian, which then became the Californian and Overland Monthly and in 1883 was re-titled the Overland Monthly. In 1923 it merged with the magazine Out West, and continued until 1935. Some writers associated with the magazine were Alice Cary, Jack London, Mark Twain and Henry George.
— Information from Wikipedia entry for “Overland Monthly”

Pan American Magazine

Vol 6 (1908) – Vol 35 (1922)

Washington, D.C.        Dewey Dec.    050



Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – Meredith Corp.

“An American weekly magazine of celebrity and human-interest stories. With a readership of 46.6 million adults, People has the largest audience of any American magazine.” -Wikipedia
PDF Version – May download slowly.

Popular Mechanics

Vol 6 (1904)

Vols 7 – 28 (Jan 1905 to Dec 1917); Vols 35 – 182 (Jan 1921- Dec 2005)

Vols 8-34 (Jan 1918- Dec 1920)

Recent Issues and Recent Years

Chicago        Dewey Dec.    050

“Treats briefly and in very simple language all kinds of mechanical devices and processes, including descriptions and sketches of recent patents of general interest. Popular with older boys and with men of mechanical tastes but little mechanical training. The “Shop notes” are frequently valuable to practical workmen and may be obtained in separate pamphlet form. Very popular both in the reading-room and on the reference shelves.”
– – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

Popular Science

Vol 1 (May 1872) to Vol 274 (Mar 2009)

Recent Issues and Recent Years

Dewey Dec. 050

“American quarterly magazine carrying popular science content, which refers to articles for the general reader on science and technology subjects. Popular Science has won over 58 awards, including the American Society of Magazine Editors awards for its journalistic excellence in both 2003 (for General Excellence) and 2004 (for Best Magazine Section). With roots beginning in 1872,[2] Popular Science has been translated into over 30 languages and is distributed to at least 45 countries.” – Wikipedia



Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“An American healthy lifestyle magazine published by Hearst Corporation featuring articles about health conditions, wellness, food and nutrition, weight loss, fitness, and beauty.” -Wikipedia

Railroad Gazette

Vol 2 (1870) to Vol 44 (1908)

Vol. 45 (1908) to Vol 73 (1922)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“A Journal of Transportation, Engineering and Railroad News”. It was sometimes known as the Railroad Age Gazette and Railway Age

Reader’s Digest

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – Trusted Media Brands

An American general-interest family magazine, published ten times a year.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

Review of Reviews

New York

See the American Review of Reviews above on this page.

Rolling Stone

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – Penske Media Corp.

An American monthly magazine that focuses on popular culture.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

St. Nicholas

Vol 1 (1874) – Vol 49 (1922)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“One of the best and most popular magazines for young people. Includes well-illustrated short stories, series and articles on biography, history and travel, outdoor life and nature study. The articles are almost always interesting, wholesome and well written. Even the special pages of pictures, rhymes and short stories for small children are above the average merit of most similar attempts.”
-F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

Saturday Review


U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“Saturday Review, previously The Saturday Review of Literature, was an American weekly magazine established in 1924. Norman Cousins was the editor from 1940 to 1971.” -Wikipedia

School and Society

Vol 1 (1915) – Vol 16 (1922)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“A weekly journal treating all phases of education and its social service.”
– – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

Scientific American

Vol 2 (1846)- Vol 126 (1922)

Recent Issues and Recent Years

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“The object of this journal is to record accurately and lucidly the latest scientific, mechanical and industrial news of the day.” “Science” is interpreted very liberally, and ethnological, archaeological and some commercial articles are included. A selected list of “recently patented inventions” and reviews of new scientific books are included. A scientific newspaper much read by men and older boys but not a technical guide for the shop man or the special engineer.”
-F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

Scribner’s Magazine


New York        Dewey Dec.    050

Vol 1 (Jan-Jun 1887) to Vol 72 (Jul-Dec 1922).
Scribner’s Magazine was produced by the publisher Charles Scribner’s Sons from 1887 to 1939, which also produced Scribner’s Monthly (later renamed Century Illustrated, and found on this web page). Scribner’s Magazine was launched to compete with Harper’s Monthly and Atlantic Monthly (both are found on this web page). Editor Edward Bulingame hired top artists to illustrate it, including Howard Pyle, Maxfield Parrish and Frederic Remington, and the magazine became known for the outstanding quality of its many illustrations. Many well-known writers contributed, including Jacob Riis, Theodore Roosevelt and John Galsworthy.
– from information in the Wikipedia entry.

Silver Screen

Vol 1     Vol 2     Vol 4a    Vol 4b     Vol 5b    Vol 6a

Vol 6b   Vol 7a    Vol 7b    Vol 8a    Vol 8b    Vol 9a

Vol 9b    Vol 10a    Vol 10b

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

This monthly fan magazine focusing on the film industry began in 1930 and continued, with changes, until 1977. Vol 1-10 (Nov 1930 – Oct 1940), except Vol 3 and part of Vol 5 (Nov 1934 – Feb 1935) available. The initial editor was Ruth Waterbury.


Jan 1995 to the Present

Washington, DC Dewey Dec. 050

“Smithsonian magazine provides in-depth analysis of varied topics within a diverse range of scientific areas, and adds photography to supplement its comprehensive features. The monthly magazine looks at the topics and subject matters researched, studied and exhibited by the Smithsonian Institution – science, history, art, popular culture and innovation – and chronicles them for its diverse readership”. – Wikipedia


See our collection of hundreds of articles, on history and other subjects, at Century Past History Resources


Sports Illustrated

Vol 1 (Aug 1954) to the Present

Recent Issues and Recent Years

New York Dewey Dec. 050

“an American sports magazine owned by Authentic Brands Group and published by Meredith Corporation. First published in August 1954, it has over 3 million subscribers and is read by 23 million people each week, including over 18 million men.” – Wikipedia


Vol 6 (1901) – Vol 48 (1922)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“Discusses all movements, public and private, whose purpose is social improvement. Very widely used in club and church work and by high school debaters, as well as by more special social workers. Formerly called Charities Review and Charities and the Commons.”
– – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

Taste of Home

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – Trusted Media Brands

A magazine centered on food, publishing recipes submitted by home cooks.
PDF Version – May download slowly.


Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – TIME USA, LLC, owned by Marc Benioff

An American weekly news magazine and news website published in New York City.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

Us Weekly

Recent Issues and Recent Years

U.S. – American Media Inc.

A weekly celebrity and entertainment magazine based in New York City.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

Vegetarian Times


U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“Vegetarian Times is an American magazine published nine times a year (three double issues) by Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc. The magazine’s audience consists of vegetarians, vegans, and “semi-vegetarians” who are focused on a healthy lifestyle. Vegetarian Times promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle with recipes, wellness information, cooking techniques, and information on “green” products. Half of the readership do not follow a strict vegetarian diet.” -Wikipedia

The Washington Monthly


U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“The Washington Monthly is a bimonthly nonprofit magazine of United States politics and government that is based in Washington, D.C. The magazine is known for its annual ranking of American colleges and universities, which serves as an alternative to the Forbes and U.S. News & World Report rankings”. -Wikipedia

The Week (US)

Recent Issues and Recent Years


A weekly news magazine, published in the U.S. since 2001.
PDF Version – May download slowly.

Woman’s Home Companion

Vol. 36 (July 1909) to Vol 49 (1922)

Springfield, OH        Dewey Dec.    050

Vol. 36 (July 1909) to Vol 49 (1922). Missing some.
Closely resembles in appearance and contents the Delineator and the Ladies’ Home Journal, and, like them, popular in reading-rooms frequented by women.
– – F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

Women’s Health


U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“Women’s Health, published by Hearst, is a magazine focusing on health, nutrition, fitness, sex, and lifestyle. It is published 10 times a year in the United States and has a circulation of 1.5 million readers. The magazine has 13 international editions spanning 25 countries and reaching more than 8 million readers globally.
The magazine features multiple different sections, such as fitness, sex & love, food, weight loss, Eat This!, health, beauty and style.” -Wikipedia

Working Mother


U.S. Dewey Dec. 050

“The magazine that helps career moms balance their personal and professional lives.” -Publisher

The World’s Work

Vol 1 (1900) – Vol 43 (1922)

New York        Dewey Dec.    050

“Discusses all kinds of current events and current tendencies in articles by recognized authorities and in well written editorial comments. The social development of the country receives as much attention as its material prosperity. Well illustrated and popular in style. One of the four periodicals most widely used in school work and very useful for club and debate work.”
-F. K. Walter, Periodicals for the Small Library, ALA 1918

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