Drug & Alcohol Abuse

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Drug & Alcohol Abuse

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Drug & Alcohol Abuse

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Straight Talk from Claudia Black: What Recovering Parents Should Tell their Kids about Drugs and Alcohol

Straight Talk from Claudia Black Book Cover

Black, Claudia
Hazelden 2003        Dewey Dec.    362.2

“The author discusses brain chemistry, generational vulnerability, and phenomena such as multiple addictions, tolerance levels, relapse, and blackouts. The emphasis then moves to … advice about self-forgiveness, making amentds for past behavior, and new ways of relating to loved ones…” -Libr J.

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Opium: A History

Opium A History Book Cover

Booth, Martin
St. Martin’s 1998        Dewey Dec.    363

“An excellent historical treatment of the development, use, and misuse of the drug, as well as of society’s efforts to control it.” -Libr J.

The Phoenix Solution: Getting Serious about Winning America’s Drug War

The Phoenix Solution Book Cover

Bugliosi, Vincent
Dove 1996        Dewey Dec.    363

“Written by Vincent Bugliosi, the nation’s foremost prosecutor, The Phoenix Solution offers not only a startling analysis of current drug policy but an actual blueprint for bringing the crisis to an end. Bugliosi takes a hard look at the common assumptions about drugs and drug control that are the basis of our national policy. In the process, he reveals some astonishing facts about the inept techniques that have been used to fight the war on drugs”

The Spirits of America: A Social History of Alcohol

The Spirits of America Book Cover

Burns, Eric
Temple Univ. 2004        Dewey Dec.    362.2

“Burns relates that drinking was ‘the first national pastime,’ and shows how it shaped American politics and culture from the earliest colonial days. He details the transformation of alcohol from virtue to vice and back again and how it was thought of as both scourge and medicine. He tells us how “the great American thirst” developed over the centuries, and how reform movements and laws sprang up to combat it. Burns brings back to life such vivid characters as Carrie Nation and other crusaders against drink.” -Publisher

Prescription Drug Abuse: The Hidden Epidemic – a Guide to Coping and Understanding

Prescription Drug Abuse Book Cover

Colvin, Rod
Addicus 1995        Dewey Dec.    363

A resource book for coping with and understanding prescription drug abuse, misuse and addiction. Outlines the most commonly abused prescription drugs and lists treatment referral agencies for all 50 states.

2017 National Drug Threat Assessment

2017 National Drug Threat Assessment Book Cover

DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)
DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)        Dewey Dec.    363

Table of contents: Letter from the Acting Administrator; Executive Summary; Transnational Criminal Organizations (Mexican, Colombian, Dominican, Asian); Gangs; Controlled Prescription Drugs; Heroin; Fentanyl and Other Synthetic Opioids; Methamphetamine; Cocaine; Marijuana; New Psychoactive Substances (NPS); Illicit Finance; Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands; Guam; Tribal Lands; Appendix A: National Drug Threat Survey Methodology and Key Findings; Appendix B: Additional Tables; Appendix C: Additional Figures; Appendix D: National Drug Threat Assessment Scope and Methodology

The Drugs Epidemic

The Drugs Epidemic Book Cover

Deedes, William
Barnes and Noble 1970        Dewey Dec.    363

The Broken Cord: A Family’s Ongoing Struggle with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

The Broken Cord Book Cover

Dorris, Michael
Harper & Row 1989        Dewey Dec.    362.2

“The alarming statistics and consequences of fetal alcohol syndrome are skillfully interwoven with the human story of one of its victims… ” NY Times Book Rev

Healing and Hope: Six Women from the Betty Ford Center Share their Powerful Journeys of Addiction and Recovery

Healing and Hope Book Cover

Ford, Betty
Putnam 2003        Dewey Dec.    362.2

Six women representing a wide range of racial, age, and class distinctions share their stories of addiction, treatment, and recovery, in a volume that includes the author’s account of her own battle with drugs and alcohol.

Understanding Addiction

Understanding Addiction Book Cover

Henderson, Elizabeth Connell
Univ. of Mississippi 2000        Dewey Dec.    362.2

” A concise overview of this complex affliction for all those affected by addiction — addicts, family members, and even employers. At least one of every four people in America has had some experience with addiction — either personally or through a family member. Addiction and its consequences cost billions of dollars each year in direct medical costs, lost productivity, accidents, crime, and corruption. Yet as a disease, addiction is still largely misunderstood.” -Publisher

The American Drug Scene: An Anthology

The American Drug Scene Book Cover

Inciardi, James A. and McElrath, Karen
Roxbury 1998        Dewey Dec.    363

33 articles and essays by various authors on an assortment of topics related to American drug use.

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Hep-cats, Narcs, and Pipe Dreams: A History of America’s Romance with Illegal Drugs

Hep-Cats, Narcs and Pipe Dreams Book Cover

Jonnes, Jill
Scribner 1996        Dewey Dec.    363

America’s first drug epidemic 1885-1925 — America’s second drug epidemic 1950-1970 — The counterculture 1960-1975 — America’s third drug epidemic 1980-1995.
Traces the spread of illegal drugs throughout our culture: from the freewheeling Prohibition era through World War II, to the ‘flower power’ 1960s right right up to the present, when stories about crack babies and the resurgence of heroin dominate newspaper headlines and confronts a contemporary controversial issue–the legalization of drugs

Drugs And Sports

Drugs and Sports Book Cover

Pampel, Fred C.
Facts on File 2007        Dewey Dec.    362.2

An overview of the history of drug use among athletes, with biographical listing and fully-annotated bibliography.

Orange Sunshine

Orange Sunshine Book Cover

Schou, Nick
Dunne 2010        Dewey Dec.    363.4

“Blue Cheer. Window Pane. Orange Sunshine. Maui Wowie. These were the brand names of the psychedelic counterculture of the 1960s and ’70s, a culture led by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. Chances are, if a brand of acid, pot or hashish was known to stoners, it first made its way into the underground market via the Brotherhood…. A fascinating read for any audience and essential history for anyone interested in the roots of psychedelia.” -Kirkus

Cocaine: An Unauthorized Biography

Cocaine an Unauthorized Biography Book Cover

Streatfeild, Dominic
Dunne 2002        Dewey Dec.    362.2

“Thorough, engrossing, balanced, and entertaining, it is important social history in palatable form.” -Booklist

Slaying the Dragon: The History of Addiction Treatment and Recovery in America

Slaying the Dragon Book Cover

White, William L.
Chestnut Health Systems 1998        Dewey Dec.    362.2

“The story of America’s personal and instituional responses to alcoholism and other addictions. It is the story of mutual aid societies: the Washingtonians, the Blue Ribbon Reform Clubs, the Ollapod Club, the United Order of Ex-Boozers, the Jacoby Club, Alcoholics Anonymous and Women for Sobriety. It is a story of addiction treatment institutions from the inebriate asylums and Keeley Institutes to Hazelden and Parkside. It is the story of evolving treatment interventions that range from water cures and mandatory sterilization to aversion therapies and methadone maintenance. William White has provided a sweeping and engaging history of one of America’s most enduring problems and the profession that was birthed to respond to it” – Publisher

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