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Free online books about taking care of horses, horsemanship, riding horses, dogs and cats;


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Horses & Horsemanship

Caring for Horses Collection

Nearly 50 free online books about horses and ponies, including caring for them, riding, horsemanship and necessary equipment.

Horsemanship Collection

Over 300 free online books at Internet Archive about riding horses, horsemanship, ponies, saddlery, veterinarian care for horses, and similar topics.

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The American Farmer’s Horse Book

A Pictorial Cyclopedia of Facts Concerning the Prominent Breeds, Principles of Breeding, Best Methods of Training, Stable Management, General Care etc. With specific directions how to buy and how to sell, including a series of invaluable object-lessons on conformations, points of the horse, and how to detect unsoundness or vice, and especially describing all known diseases to which the horse is subject

Darling, Andrew
Journal of Agriculture 1892        Dewey Dec.    636.1

The Complete Book of the Horse

Foster, Carol
Barnes & Noble 1994        Dewey Dec.    636.1

A practical and comprehensive guide for all horse enthusiasts, with over 300 full-color photographs and illustrations.
Buying a horse — Stable management — Veterinary care — Eventing — Showjumping — Dressage — Hunting — Western riding — Long distance riding — Showing — Side-saddle — Driving

Books on Gardening, Farming, Forestry, Agriculture

The Horse Book; a Practical Treatise on the American Horse Breeding Industry as Allied to the Farm

Johnstone, James Hope Stewart
Sanders 1908        Dewey Dec.    636.1

Practical work on the breeding and managing of work horses, including saddle and pony breeds. Discusses and illustrates the leading types. – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911

First-hand Bits of Stable Lore

Ware, Francis M.
Little, Brown 1903        Dewey Dec.    636.1

Chapter headings: 1. Purchase and Preliminaries, 2. As to “Soundness”, 3. Stabling and Stables, 4. Stable Management, 5. Condition and Conditioning, 6. The “Green” or Unacclimated Horse and His Care, 7. The Horse’s Education, 8. Mouths and manners, 9. The Foot and its Treatment, 10. The Appointment Fad, 11. The Saddle-Horse, 12. The Hunter and His Education, 13. The Steeplechaser and His Schooling, 14. Riding for Beginners, 15. Four-in-Hand Driving, 16. Coaching and its Accompaniments, 17. Management of a Pack of Hounds, 18. Showing Horses


Caring for Dogs Collection

Over 100 free online modern books about dogs. Most concern caring for dogs and puppies. Also included are care for aging dogs, home remedies for dog problems, and caring for shelter dogs. There are many books about raising dogs of particular breeds.

Dogs – Training Collection

About 200 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of Dogs – Training.

Dog Breeds Collection

About 160 free online books on the topic “dog breeds”. They include many ‘encyclopedias’ of the dog world, guides for dog-owning and dog-buying, books about caring for dogs or puppies, and a few for particular breeds.

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Women Dog Owners Collection

About 75 free online books at the Internet Archive, resulting from a search for books on “Women Dog Owners”. The majority of these are works of fiction.

The Proper Care of Dogs

Burris, Christopher
T.F.H. 2000        Dewey Dec.    636.7

Training your Dog

Fogle, Bruce
DK 2003        Dewey Dec.    636.7

Understanding your dog — Early learning — Rewards & discipline — Training tactics — Training equipment — Indoor training — Outdoor training — Canine games — Advanced training — Retraining — Behavioral problems

The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Dogs, Dog Breeds & Dog Care

Larkin, Peter and Stockman, Mike
Hermes House 2005        Dewey Dec.    636.7

Dogs and All About Them

Leighton, Robert
Cassell 1910        Dewey Dec.    636.7

Official kennel-club descriptions of fifty different breeds, with suggestions on breeding, care and treatment of common ailments. – A.L.A. Catalog 1904-1911


Cats Collection

A search for “cats” in the Internet Archive modern book collection resulted in 2,800 ‘hits’. Most appear to be non-fiction, published over the past 30-40 years. They cover nearly every possible topic regarding cats.

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