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Free online books about antiques and other collectibles, including catalogs and price guides. Furniture, decorative arts, coins, stamps, toys, glassware

Antiques & Collectibles


Hint: When a book you want to borrow at Internet Archive is already checked out, go to the Internet Archive’s ‘Search’ box, check “Search Metadata”, and search for the book’s title. Sometimes they have two or more copies.

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Antiques & Collectibles

Books on Antiques Collection

Over 1,000 modern free online books on the subject of “antiques”. Be patient as the page loads.

Collectibles: Furniture Collection

About 60 free online books about antique furniture.

Collectibles: Toys & Dolls Collection

About 25 free online books about collectible toys and dolls, in the Internet Archive book collection.

Collectibles: Decorative Arts Collection

Most of the 40 antiques books here are about decorative arts.

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Collectibles: Coins and Currency Collection

Nearly 40 free online books about collectible coins or currency.

American Coins Collection

About 40 books from the Internet Archive free online on the subject of American Coins.

Collectibles: Stamps Collection

Over 20 free online books about collectible stamps.

Collectibles: Glass & Glassware Collection

About 20 free online books about collectible glass and glassware.

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