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Care of Horses, Dogs, Cats

Art, Decorative Arts

Architecture, Medieval Bldgs, House Design
Textiles, Clothing, Fashion


Biographies from Ancient History
Biographical Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Crafts, Hobbies, Home

Food, Nutrition, Cooking
Antiques & Collectibles
Etiquette, Entertaining
Gardening, Farming, Forestry
Homemaking, Vintage Housekeeping
Sewing, Woodworking, Other Crafts


American Companies, Industries
Business Management, Marketing
Careers, Working Conditions, Organized Labor
Cars, Auto Industry
Economics, Finance, Investments
Gardening, Farming, Forestry


Schools & Teaching
Higher Education
Female Education – Historical

Engineering, Transportation

Air & Space
Cars, Auto Industry
Civil Engineering, Construction
Electrical & Energy Engineering, Engines
Railroad History
Ships, Boats, Seamanship

Fiction, Folklore

Fiction Collection, Reading Guides
Vintage Fiction
Folklore & Mythology
Short Story Collections


Drug & Alcohol Abuse
Health, Illness, Family Planning
Healthcare, History of Medicine


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Crime, Punishment, Terrorism
Law, U.S. Constitution, International Organizations

Libraries, Information Mgmt

Library Research, Study Guides
Librarianship, Book Directories


Modern Military, Military History


Magazines Online

Newspaper Collections Online

Magazine Article Indexes

Publishing, Broadcasting

Journalism, TV & Radio, Publishing


Games, Chess, Card Games
Performing Arts, Film, Theater
Sports & Outdoors Recreation


Directories of Organizations
Reading Guides & Bibliographies – Fiction
Reading Guides & Bibliographies – Non-Fiction
Reference Books, Encyclopedias, Atlases


Environmental Science & Issues
Sciences, Technology, Genetics

Social Sciences, Government

Customs & Traditions, Holidays, Weddings
Government; City & U.S., Politics
Issues in Society, Social Services
Parenting, Family, Relationships
Political Science, Ideology, Colonialism
Social Sciences, Ethnic Studies

Travel, Geography

Exploration in Africa
Exploration in Asia


Women’s History
World History

Ancient History

Ancient World History
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Mesopotamia, Assyria
Ancient Northwest Europe

History of Europe since c. A.D. 500

Medieval Europe
Medieval Europe – Military
Europe c. 1500-1700
Europe c. 1700-1914
World War One Era
World War One Military
Europe Post-World War One

History of Asia

Koreas; South and North
India, Pakistan, South Asia
Southeast Asia & Pacific Islands

History of the Americas

African Americans
Canada Historical Society Publications
Native Americans (5 pages)
United States of America (10 pages)
U.S. Great Lakes States (90+ pages)


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