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5-Year-Olds Work Farm Machinery, and Injuries Follow

Children are growing up driving large farm machines to help their families. Thousands are injured every year; many are killed.

Jack Healy, NY Times 2018

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A Defense of Obama’s Middle East ‘Balancing Act’

From the Iraq drawdown to chemical weapons red lines to Russia’s war in Syria, a conversation with Robert Malley, the president’s top Middle East policy official.

Aaron David Miller, Foreign Policy 2016

A Journey Through a Land of Extreme Poverty: Welcome to America

The UN’s Philip Alston is an expert on deprivation -“ and he wants to know why 41m Americans are living in poverty. The Guardian joined him on a special two-week mission into the dark heart of the world’s richest nation

Ed Pilkington, The Guardian 2017

A Tale of Two White Houses

The Confederacy had its own White House -two, actually

Kat Eschner, April 21, 2017

Almost Half of Natural World Heritage Sites Are Threatened by Criminal Activity

A WWF report found that illegal poaching, logging, and fishing impacts 45 percent of the designated locations

Brigit Katz April 20, 2017

Angela Merkel and the History Book that Helped Inform Her Worldview

Jurgen Osterhammel’s The Transformation of the World left its mark on the German chancellor, judging by her recent decisions

Philip Oltermann, The Guardian 2016

Are We Going to Repeat the Tragic Folly of Our Ancestors?

Walter G. Moss, History News Network 2016

Before ‘Fake News’ Came False Prophecy

From medieval Britain to the present, fantastic stories speaking to readers’ darkest fears have proven capable of altering reality.

Eric Weiskott, The Atlantic 2016

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Behind China’s $1 Trillion Plan to Shake Up the Economic Order

Jane Perlez and Yufan Huang, NY Times 2017

Britain’s view of its history ‘dangerous’, says former museum director

Neil MacGregor, once of British Museum, says Britain has focus on ‘sunny side’ rather than German-like appraisal of past

Kate Connolly, The Guardian 2016

By turning their back on free trade, Republicans are returning to their roots

President Trump is resurrecting an old strain of conservatism – but with a new, Trumpian twist.

Katherine Rye Jewell, Washington Post 2017

Can the ‘Secret Government’ Save Us?

A national security expert says professional bureaucrats held back Obama. Can they do the same to Donald Trump?

Leon Neyfakh, Slate 2016

Can’t escape politics today? Blame Rolling Stone

The magazine envisioned ‘lifestyle’ as the vehicle for remaking politics. Instead, politics shape every aspect of our lives.

Bruce J. Schulman, Washington Post 2017

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Catalonia, Spain’s Biggest Problem

In the post-Civil War era, Spain’s problem with regional nationalism seemed dominated by Basque separatists. Yet, as recent events show, Barcelona is now the epicentre of the biggest issue facing the Madrid government – an issue with deep historical roots.

Andrew Dowling, History Today 2017

Database Tracks History Of U.S. Meddling In Foreign Elections

NPR’s Ari Shapiro talks to Carnegie Mellon University researcher Dov Levin about his historical database that tracks U.S. involvement in meddling with foreign elections over the years.

NPR Politics 2016

Democracies end when they are too democratic

And right now, America is a breeding ground for tyranny.

Andrew Sullivan, NY Magazine 2016

Does British History Matter Anymore? Reflections on Brexit

Dane Kennedy, History News Network 2016

Donald Trump and the Election of 1800

Many have drawn parallels between Donald Trump and Aaron Burr, who Alexander Hamilton described as’one of the most unprincipled men in the United States’. But a more useful, if surprising, comparison might be drawn with Thomas Jefferson.

Rhys Jones, History Today 2016

Extreme poverty returns to America

The U.N. finds growing numbers of Americans are living in the most impoverished circumstances. How did we get here?

Premilla Nadasen, Washington Post 2017

Fake news? That’s a very old story

Robert G. Parkinson, Washington Post 2016

Historians and Brexit: An opportunity missed?

A more nuanced conversation among historians of multiple perspectives might have improved the level of debate.

Paul Lay, History Today 2016

Opinion | Confederate Statues and ‘Our’ History

Eric Foner, New York Times 2017

The Nuclear Analogy

Peter Stearns, Stearns Blog, George Mason University

The United States: Self-Taught Activism

Johann N. Neem, Perspectives on History 2016

This is how fascism comes to America

Robert Kagan, Washington Post 2016

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