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Ancient History. Selected Podcasts and videos about a variety of topics related to ancient history, around the world (except Rome, which is on another page).


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A Day in Pompeii – Full-length animation

Zero One Animation, YouTube 2013

A Drone’s Eye View of the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt, Sudan & Mexico

Drone flyovers of the Nubian pyramids of Meroe, Sudan; pyramids of Giza.

Open Culture 2016

A Persian Navy, an Ionian Revolt – Podcast

We begin our look at the events that directly contributed to the beginnings of the Greco-Persian War. After a brief summation of the events that brought the early Persian Empire into contact with the Ionian Greeks, we take a look at the evidence and theories about what the naval situation was like in the Aegean during the late 6th century BCE.

Brandon Huebner, The Maritime History Podcast, Episode 31, 2017

Alexander the Great – Podcast

With: Paul Cartledge, Emeritus Professor of Greek Culture University of Cambridge, Diana Spencer, Professor of Classics at the University of Birmingham, Rachel Mairs, Lecturer in Classics at the University of Reading. 43 mins.

In our Time, BBC Radio 4 2015

Ancient Rome

YouTube video simulation project between Khan Academy and Rome Reborn – with Dr. Bernard Frischer.

Created by Beth Harris and Steven Zucker

Ancient Rome reconstructed

Animation on YouTube


The Lost Manuscript of Archimedes – Podcast

Archimedes is famous for being Ancient Greece’s greatest engineer. Yet a random discovery – a prayers book found in an old church in Turkish Istanbul, casts this mysterious genius in an even more surprising light.

Curious Minds Podcast, 2017

Animations Present Ostia Antica, The Harbor City Of Ancient Rome

Ostia Antica was the preeminent harbor city of ancient Rome, with its geographical location being around 19 miles from the’eternal city’.

Dattatreya Mandal, Realm of History 2016

Baths of Caracalla, Rome

Video animation on YouTube of one of the greatest Roman baths of the ancient world

Danila Loginov, 2012

Beer Archaeology: Yes, It’s a Thing

Travis Rupp is a classics instructor at The University of Colorado. He’s also a “beer archaeologist” who works on a special projects team at the Avery Brewing Company (in Boulder) where they “brew beers the way that ancient Egyptians, Peruvians and Vikings did.”

Open Culture 2017

Conservation of a Romano-British urn

This is the first episode in a weekly series that tracks the in-depth conservation work on a Romano-British cinerary urn.

British Museum 2016

Dead Sea Scrolls Revisited – Podcast

Roger Bolton reassesses one of the world’s great archaeological discoveries, beginning at the caves where a remarkable collection of Jewish texts hidden in the first century was discovered 60 years ago. 2 1-hour Episodes

Roger Bolton, BBC Radio 4

History in 3D; Ancient Rome 320 AD

The 3rd video trailer, illustrating our project dedicated to reconstruction of the whole center of ancient Rome city as it was in 320 AD.

Danila Loginov, YouTube animation

Short Animation Visualizes The Grand History Of Human Origins

The backstory of human origins and progression over a million years

Dattatreya Mandal, Realm of History 2016

The Bronze Age Collapse

John Bennet, Professor of Aegean Archaeology at the University of Sheffield, Linda Hulin, Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology at the University of Oxford, Simon Stoddart, University of Cambridge. 43 min.

In our Time, BBC Radio 4 2016

The History of Europe: 5,000 Years Animated in a Timelapse Map

The work of EmperorTigerstar–a Youtuber who specializes in documenting the unfolding of world historical events by stitching together hundreds of maps into timelapse films.

Open Culture 2016

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