20th Century American History – Selected Podcasts & Videos

20th Century American History. Selected podcasts and videos about topics in American history, from about 1900 to about 2000.


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1960 Kennedy-Nixon Debate (Part I) – Video

The first televised debate in a U.S. presidential campaign, it is thought to have helped Kennedy a great deal in a close election.

Original TV broadcast saved on the Internet Archive

1960 Kennedy-Nixon Debate (Part II)

Original TV broadcast saved on the Internet Archive

America: A Personal History of the U.S. – Video Series

Deals with the transcontinental rail link driven across awesome terrain, the Mormons’ settlement in Utah, the populating of the midlands by European immigrants, and the Indians’ last desperate struggles which explode in the Custer massacre and the Battle of Wounded Knee.

Two episodes from a 1972-73 series made by BBC and Time-Life Books, hosted by Aleister Cooke.

Between the Wars: 1978 TV series

Several half-hour documentary episodes of series hosted by Eric Severeid, using historical film and interviews.

Bull in a China Shop – Podcast

Tensions with China are high, North Korea is testing nuclear warheads, and the Philippines is distancing itself. Professor Oriana Skylar Mastro explores the complicated web of U.S. trade and military relations in Asia and highlights potential challenges.

Professor Oriana Skylar Mastro, Scholars Strategy Network 2017

Civilian Conservation Corps, Camp 657, Summit Lake, Wisconsin – Narrated slide show

Community TV broadcast sponsored by the Forest History Association of Wisconsin. Lecture and slide presentation.

Joe Hermellin, Langlade County, Wisconsin Historical Society 2016

Of Prison and Politics – Podcast

Co-hosts Stephen Henderson and Laura Weber-Davis speak with University of Michigan professor and author of ‘Blood in the Water’, Heather Ann Thompson, about the Attica prison uprising. And we hear some of the personal story of writer Shaka Senghor, who was forced into a life of crime in the 1980s that led him to serve many years in prison.

Stephen Henderson and Laura Weber-Davis, Created Equal Podcast series, 2017

Paul Roberts on the History of Oil – Podcast

In the last installment of our four-part history of energy series, we speak to journalist and author Paul Roberts to discuss the complex role that oil has played in shaping the industrialized world, and the costs/benefits that oil has as an energy source in the 21st century.

Episode 64. The Road to Now Podcast

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